About Boss Majestic

Boss Majestic is the No.1 multilingual job posting site in Malaysia to help employers hire great talents without boundaries. We aspire to be the most convenient and reliable source for career-ready talents for our global clients.

Our Achievements

To date, Job Majestic has successfully connected 20,000 candidates with 3,000 best employers within a year since its launch in early 2020, helping companies achieve greater success by having the right talents at the right place, at the right time.

We believe in being future-proof, leveraging the latest global hiring trends and technological advancements on our multilingual and zero-boundary hiring platform. Our vision and values will guide Boss Majestic’s aggressive global expansion in the SEA and Asia markets.

360 Profile

Boss Majestic reimagines the best talent sourcing experience for all kinds of companies. Unlike other typical job sites, our platform focuses on the “360 Profile” approach, where candidates are evaluated holistically based on their skills, experience, portfolio and resume.

A Strong Community

Boss Majestic is highly supported by a loyal Gen-Y and Gen-Z Community with over 100,000 followers through our continuous effort in connecting them with career-related workshops, personal development resources, and much more.

With the right combination of talents and resources, we believe that companies will have what it takes to be successful and majestic. Start hiring without boundaries using Boss Majestic today, and experience the best job site in Malaysia.

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